Friday, April 17, 2009

Building A Winning Team

Leadership is all about getting people to work together towards a common goal because they are inspired and want to.

To build a winning team, you must focus on these five key elements:

1) Trust
2) Effective Communication
3) Skill
4) Accountability
5) Leadership

If any of these are missing on your team, you will not reach your potential and will likely fail.

The role of the leader is to work on building all of these and make sure that you are providing everything for the team that they need. It is also essential that you provide enough support and oversight and not too much. You are there for direction and resources, not to do their jobs for them. Give them what they need and stay out of their way and let them get it done.

Teams win where individuals fail this is especially true when you have the five key elements listed above present on your team.

Just believe...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Winning the Sales Game.... Is Your Organization Set Up to Win?

Sales is about relationships, period! It amazes me how managers and organizations cripple the effectiveness of their sales force by hindering their ability to get out there and build the very relationships that generate sales.

Without sales, your business goes away! Are you holding back your sales people by having them spend hours answering phones, responding to unnecessary emails, tracking activity, etc.? There is value in documenting contacts and activity and it must be done in a streamlined and very efficient way. Sales people make money for the organization and themselves when they are selling, not when they are creating spreadsheets, completing expense reports, and all sorts of other non-revenue generating activities.

Make sure that you and your organization are set up for success. Don't over burden people with reports, etc. that take too much time away from their most important function... SELLING!

Take the handcuffs off of your sales force and let them SELL!

Just believe...