Sunday, July 28, 2013

I Saw America Today...

What in the hell is going on in America? With the recent turmoil of mass shootings, gun control attempts, the IRS Scandal, and racially charged incidents like the Zimmerman/Martin Tragedy, one could easily think America is as squared away and effective as a football bat.

I, along with many other patriots, still believe we are the greatest nation on earth.  We are the melting pot, a conglomerate of numerous cultures all residing in one FREE land. All of this nonsense and hate between races is ignorant. With all the anti-American focused hate, we need not be fighting amongst ourselves, we have plenty of others to target. If you pay any attention to the mainstream media, they saturate the airwaves and other venues with all the bad going on in the world and very seldom focus on the good. I'm here to tell you that in spite of all this BS, America is still America and I saw her today.

The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association (CVMA) Chapter 27-2 out of Virginia hosted their annual fundraiser ride called Bull Run III. Proceeds from the event will be donated to The Virginia Wounded Warrior Program. The ride began at Whitt's Harley-Davidson in Manassas and traveled through the Virginia countryside, ending at VFW Post 8613 in Shenandoah. I was fortunate enough to attend this ride with my brothers from the Strength & Honor Motorcycle Club (SHMC). Our club consists of current and former law enforcement, military, and emergency services personnel. What I witnessed when we rolled into the small town of Shenandoah was noteworthy and amazing. First of all, I must call out that a couple hundred motorcycles rolling into anywhere is an event. Well Shenandoah was ready and many of their residents lined the streets waving American flags welcoming us to their town. As we made the left off of the highway and headed toward the VFW, the local fire department had positioned two ladder trucks, and with their ladders extended and crossed, they created the perfect platform to suspend a huge American flag... Wow! Now, don't get me wrong, I have not been living under a rock and have seen celebrations of this nature before. What was so awe inspiring to me was all of the ages represented and seeing folks standing at the ends of their driveways, etc. waving and welcoming us into their town. Thanks to CVMA 27-2 for hosting this event and thank you Shenandoah, VA and VFW Post 8613 for your hospitality. This my friends is America. She is alive and well and I saw her today.