Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Employee Engagement... Put the GAS in Your Own Tank!

Employee engagement... What the heck is that anyway? Sounds like some catch phrase conjured up in the world of academia. Are we talking about how committed or involved in something people are? Maybe whether or not they "Give A Shit?"

I think that's exactly what we are talking about... the "GAS" factor, just how much do you Give A Shit about what you do and how well you perform? I am a biker and as you well know motorcycles run on gas. I am responsible for putting the GAS in my own tank, yes even in New Jersey! So what do I mean by that? Well it's pretty simple. Whether or not an employee is engaged our committed to their work is on the employee. Many people want to place the responsibility of this on the organization they work for and while they surely play a part, the ultimate responsibility is on the employee. You are responsible for your own happiness, stop looking to others and external things to make you happy.

If you work for a jerk or an organization that doesn't appreciate you, go somewhere else! Don't waste your precious time and energy on people and organizations that don't value it! Don't let people and situations spoil the GAS in your tank.

Enjoy the ride...