Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Two Simple Rules for Success in Sales

I was on a coaching call with my good friend James Malinchak a few days ago and we were talking about selling. He shared the following two simple rules for success in sales that he learned from Larry Winget.

1) Have a great product or service
2) Offer to sell it to a bunch of people

Now... This seems very simple and you might even be having the "well duh" response to these rules.

The real deal is that selling is that simple. If you are not generating the sales that you want, evaluate step one. If you believe step one is covered and you still are not hitting your mark, evaluate step two. If step two is covered, them maybe you were wrong about step one.

Utilize these two simple rules in your business and watch the sales improve.

Just Believe...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!!!

Say what you mean and mean what you say.... We'll all have a much better day!

Here's a little experiment that I suggest you try:

-Pay close attention to the conversations that you have with people today. Make a mental note every time you hold back and don't say what you are really thinking or say something that you don't mean because it's the "politically correct" thing to say.

When people communicate with each other in an authentic way, business gets better, and so does life.

Try it.... You'll like it.

Just Believe

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Exposure = Opportunity

Exposure = Opportunity.....

Does your target market know who you are and what product and/or service you have to offer?

Turns out people can't buy from you unless they know you exist. What are you doing to make sure that people know what you do? Here are a few ideas that might help you improve your exposure and create more opportunities for sales.

1) RADAR ON - In sales/business development you are always on duty. Yes, your primary work day might end at 5 or so and I know work/life balance s important. If you are a business owner, or responsible for sales or business development, you must always be aware of an opportunity to create "exposure" for your business.... RADAR ON!

2) REFERRALS - Ask your current clients/customers for referrals. This does two things.... It let's you know that they are happy with your product/service and gives you another "opportunity".

3) SOCIAL MEDIA - If you have resisted Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Plaxo, etc. It's time to get in the game. Google yourself.... How many times does your name show up? Don't you think your potential clients do this? Social media is a great way to get your information out there and create a network of people that are interested in what you do.

4) PHONE A FRIEND - Pick a friend that you have lost contact with. Reconnect with them and rekindle the friendship..... See what they are up to and how you can help each other.

5) SELF-IMPROVEMENT - Turn off the TV, stop watching the trash people call the NEWS, and start reading personal and professional development material that will help you improve.

These are just a few random ideas that you can use to improve you and your business.

....Just Believe

Friday, April 17, 2009

Building A Winning Team

Leadership is all about getting people to work together towards a common goal because they are inspired and want to.

To build a winning team, you must focus on these five key elements:

1) Trust
2) Effective Communication
3) Skill
4) Accountability
5) Leadership

If any of these are missing on your team, you will not reach your potential and will likely fail.

The role of the leader is to work on building all of these and make sure that you are providing everything for the team that they need. It is also essential that you provide enough support and oversight and not too much. You are there for direction and resources, not to do their jobs for them. Give them what they need and stay out of their way and let them get it done.

Teams win where individuals fail this is especially true when you have the five key elements listed above present on your team.

Just believe...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Winning the Sales Game.... Is Your Organization Set Up to Win?

Sales is about relationships, period! It amazes me how managers and organizations cripple the effectiveness of their sales force by hindering their ability to get out there and build the very relationships that generate sales.

Without sales, your business goes away! Are you holding back your sales people by having them spend hours answering phones, responding to unnecessary emails, tracking activity, etc.? There is value in documenting contacts and activity and it must be done in a streamlined and very efficient way. Sales people make money for the organization and themselves when they are selling, not when they are creating spreadsheets, completing expense reports, and all sorts of other non-revenue generating activities.

Make sure that you and your organization are set up for success. Don't over burden people with reports, etc. that take too much time away from their most important function... SELLING!

Take the handcuffs off of your sales force and let them SELL!

Just believe...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Dallas police chief apologizes for conduct of officer who drew gun on NFL player outside hospital

OMG!!! I am not a big news fan because it's mostly a bunch of negative fear creating nonsense however, this story caught my attention due to my law enforcement background.

A Dallas police officer, Robert Powell detained an NFL player in the hospital parking lot when he was trying to get to the bedside of a family member to say goodbye prior to their passing. The fact that this involved a professional athlete is irrelevant. Nobody should ever be treated this way. Yes, the guy ran a red light and under the circumstances, it seems totally reasonable. The problem is that this cop is a moron and has zero common sense and compassion!

I am totally pissed off and outraged that anyone who wears a badge and carries a gun could ever treat someone like this is such a situation! Someone needs to rip the badge off of his chest and send him packing and make sure he is NEVER allowed to serve in this capacity ever!!!

I feel like flying to Dallas and doing it myself, this is disgusting! My heart hurts for this individual who did not get to say goodbye to a loved one due to the ignorance and lack of compassion shown by Officer Powell.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Leadership, Personal Development, and Success

I had the honor of presenting at The University of Mary Washington's Annual Leadership Conference yesterday. What a great learning experience for me and the attendees.

The presentation was entitled Leadership & You - What They Don't Teach You in College About Bosses in The Real World That EVERY Student Must Know!

This presentation covers the fact that over 70% of the American workforce is disengaged and how this is due to the serious void in leadership! Fact is, there are a bunch of bad bosses out there that could not lead their way out of a paper bag! The problem with this is that it's costing everyone lots of money and causing a lot of unnecessary stress. Many of these bad bosses would get better if they were taught the right way! The tactics of success and great leadership can be learned. There are ways to improve your response to the events in your life and how to do that. How you can understand the source of self-limiting beliefs and move beyond them. The importance of having clearly defined targets or goals that you are aiming for.

All of these points seemed to resonate with this audience and might have been the first time that many of them had ever heard a message like that. This caused me to wonder.... What the heck are they teaching kids in college anyway? Are they getting an education or just a degree? Are they being provided with information that will really help them deal with what's in the real world after college?

I'm sure some are and I'm also sure many are not! If you want information about how to be successful in the real world and what they don't teach you in college about surviving while working for and idiot.... Visit and get a copy of My Boss Sucks - A Story Book and Survival Guide. This practical resource is full of stories about leadership gone wrong and how to deal with it along with plenty of personal success messages.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Selling Is A Lot Like Dating

First of all, I am no expert on dating... However, I do have a basic understanding of the "rules" that I recall from way back when???

Selling is like dating in that you must start out slow, maybe even have a plan or a desired outcome. It's important to gain favorable attention from your prospect, build rapport, and make a connection. Without these steps being satisfactorily completed, your chances of taking things to the next level are seriously limited.

So the next time you have a meeting with a prospect, map out a plan in your mind that creates the outcome that you want. Visualize that outcome and focus on making a connection. In most cases, the purpose of the "first date" is not to get the sale. The purpose is to make a connection so that you can get the second date. That's when you can dial it up a notch and start determining what wants and needs your prospect has and how you can fulfill them.

Remember, take it slow... If you move too fast, you might "get slapped" or lose the sale.

Just believe...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Three Types of Bosses...

There are three distinct types of bosses:

1) The Good
2) The Not So Good
3) The Downright Ugly

The bad news and the unfortunate fact is that the latter two categories seem to be where most bosses are.

The good news is that leadership can be learned. I'm sure you have heard the ever familiar debate.... Are leaders born or made? Well, they are made. Some are made early on by their surroundings and early influences, while others develop on their own with intention.

If you have a bad boss, it's not your fault. They are a bad boss for one of two simple reasons:

1) They have not figured out how to get better, where the resources are, etc. Fact is, our society does not seek out great bosses. Instead what happens most often is people who are great performers are promoted into leadership roles. Success and high performance in a non-managerial role does not always equate to success in a leadership role. We must help people to become great leaders... It is a skill that can be learned!

2) They don't care. They are in it for themselves and they have no interest in getting better and could care less how their poor leadership is effecting the lives of others. If you work for a boss like this, GET OUT NOW!!! Seriously, they will not change and they are probably sucking the life out of you. I had a boss like this once and I kicked him to the curb. He's still a bad boss and the sad but true fact is that he thinks he's a great one. Here's the evidence... Morale in his organization in worse than it's been in years and the majority of the people that work there would go elsewhere if presented with a good option. What a shame!

If you are a boss or ever plan to be, commit to yourself that you will learn all you can about how to be a great one. Learn what inspires your people, what resources they need to be successful, what they care about, and have the emotional intelligence necessary to be GREAT!

Just believe...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Solution Based Selling.... The Secret To Selling More!!!

Solution based selling is not a new concept. It is however extremely underutilized. What does it means?

Simply put, you sell holes.... Not drills. If someone needs a hole, they need a hole, the drill is one tool that will provide that for them and they don't really care all that much about the drill.... It's the hole they need/want.

Here's an example of how this applies to the self-help/professional development industry that I am in.

Decision makers don't buy leadership development, what they buy and what they want is what the process of leadership development will do for them. Here are some examples:

-Reduce operating expenses
-Lower employee turnover
-Increase employee engagement
-Reduce conflict & enhance performance
-Improve collaboration
-Reduce employee theft

The language of business is $$$$. Show the decision maker how they will make or save $$$$ by "investing" in your services.... That's the magic.

Just believe...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Return phone calls - This sounds simple yet I am amazed at the number of people who just flat out don't return calls. I must tell you that this is rude and unacceptable! Do you like it when someone does not call you back? Probably not... In fact, most people don't like being ignored and that's exactly what it is.

The problem with this is that it's a sign of more serious problems. Chances are if you are one of these people that don't return calls, this attitude and behavior is showing up in other areas of your life.

Think about it.... How many other people are you blowing off? Here's a potential list:

-Your family

Return phone calls... Stop being RUDE!

Just believe...

Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Pilfering of America By Large Corporations and Politicians

I don't know about you but I am fed up with the mismanagement and financial irresponsibility by our government and the large corporations in our country. The recent incident with Northern Trust and the serious error in judgment they made by sending a bunch of employees to a PGA Golf Tournament and springing for lavish rooms and high-end entertainment is unacceptable. All this after receiving $1.5 billion in federal bailout money in Oct. 08. Kudos to the politicians that called them on this!

Since then, Morgan Stanley and Wachovia have removed their affiliations with similar events. I wonder if they would have done this without Northern Trust being caught with their hand in the cookie jar? I seriously doubt it!

Here's a trivia question for you:

Besides our government, what has a whole bunch of intelligent people with huge egos, low or no moral or ethical standards, and a serious void in leadership?

Answer: Corporate America

So with that said, what can we do about it. My recommendation is for each of us to evaluate where we are spending our money and choose with intention to longer line the pockets of these thugs. They are nothing more than common criminals in high dollar suits. Spend your hard earned money with the "mom & pop" businesses in your community. Our country was built on these businesses and the owners really appreciate your business and won't take you for granted, or at least most of them won't. The ones that will are the exception and they are either former corporate big wigs or politicians or in training for one of those roles.

Let's take our country back from the thieves and idiots that are running it!!!

In all fairness, I must state that there are some great large corporations out there that are doing it right and unfortunately, they are becoming fewer by the day.

Just believe...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Use Your Shield... Executive Leadership Coaching Program

I recently attended an awesome seminar held by my coach James Malinchak. He was talking about how you must be strong and not let the limitations of others and their negative comments impact your belief. He used the analogy of Superman and Wonder Woman and how they are able to deflect bullets that are fired at them.

When he was talking about this, I began thinking of how we use a shield in S.W.A.T. to give that added element of protection when entering potentially hostile environments. Picture a S.W.A.T. shield, they have a small window for the operator to look through.

Then it hit me.... YES! A S.W.A.T. shield and a team behind us is exactly what we all need! The shield can protect us from all of the negativity people want to sling our way and it's got the small window so that we can maintain the focus on our target. The team is made up of our coaches, mentors, and peers that support us, give us the added support that we all benefit from.

Do you have a coach? A mentor? A team that supports you?

Halstead, Inc. has just launched a high-end exclusive Platinum Coaching Program that will do just that for its members. Give us a call, we'd love to have you on the team!

Just believe...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Small Business Success / Entrepreneurial Success

Are you a small business owner? Do you know someone who is? Have you ever heard of a business? Seriously, owning a business of your own is often called "The American Dream" and many people chase this dream every year. The unfortunate reality of this is that if they do manage to make it through their first year, many find what they thought would be a dream, turns out to be a nightmare. They end up working more than they did in the job they left and don't have the lifestyle they wanted.

The good news is... This can be done better with the proper planning, training, and development. Business owners must make the shift from an employee mindset to an owner mindset. They must be visionaries and provide direction for the organization. Many business owners are so caught up working "in" their business and have no time to work "on" their business. Successful entrepreneurs know that it's working "on" your business that will create the success you desire.

Halstead, Inc. has an exclusive platinum coaching program for entrepreneurs that gives you these keys to success. We help entrepreneurs develop a strategic plan for their business, and improve in the areas of leadership, sales, customer loyalty, time management, and business process improvement.

The lifestyle and success that you desire is possible with the right plan. Are you ready to get started?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Be Nice! Seriously, It's a No Brainer... Be Nice!

Customer service and the declining quality or even existence of it is a hot topic today. Here's the deal... Customer service is the price of admission. With so many choices available to the consumer, you have to deliver an acceptable level to even be a contender in your market.

The new bar or target that will set you apart and create a competitive advantage for you is customer loyalty. What's the difference you ask? Simply put, customer service measures attitude and customer loyalty is all about behavior. Good customer service is expected. When a customer gives you money in exchange for a product or service, they expect it to work and fulfill whatever need or want they had. So when that happens it's nothing special.

What does seem to be "special" or a rare and elusive creature is the person who serves you with a smile and actually acts like he/she is enjoying being of "service" to you. Seriously, I am sick and damn tired of people who act like I am bothering them when I go to buy something from the organization that they work for. Is it really that hard to smile and say thank you? Be nice people... Seriously, it's a no brainer... Be nice.

So, to review... Step one - BE NICE! The next step, the strategy of customer loyalty is to create a connection with the customer. How do you do that? Talk with them, engage them in conversation, make them feel appreciated for buying from you, act like you care about them as people. Developing loyal customers is about making an emotional connection with them. When you do that the next time they are in a position to need the goods or services that you provide, the likelihood that they will buy from you is drastically increased.

Simple really... BE NICE!

Just believe...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

S.W.A.T. and Business

As a professional speaker, I share many of the experiences that I had in law enforcement and what I've learned about leadership to help others become better leaders and achieve more.

I recently had someone ask me what S.W.A.T. and business have in common and how the lessons and principles of running a S.W.A.T. Team can help in business. The best way I can answer that is to describe what I feel are some of the essential characteristics of a great S.W.A.T. Team.

Here they are (in no particular order):

Skilled, talented, and proficient team members
Competent leadership
Effective communication
Clearly defined goals and objectives
Training and development
Clearly communicated expectations
Belief in the team and in the process
Great attitude
Winning mindset
Right people in the right positions
Focused on strengths vs. weaknesses

Any of these sound like they are necessary in business? ABSOFREAKINLUTELY!!!!!

Find out more about my presentations at

Just believe...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Virginia's Budget Situation and Proposed Cuts

Virginia Sheriffs gathered in Richmond yesterday to voice their concern/objections to Governor Kaine's proposed budget cuts which would cut funding to their departments.

I am well aware of the budget shortfall and I think even considering cutting law enforcement funding during a time of economic crisis is just silly. As a 14 year law enforcement veteran, I can tell you that when the economy is bad people get desperate and resort to things that they would never consider during good times. What I mean by that is simple, during poor economic times, crime increases. This is truly a head shaker for me. I think there is a lot of cutting that can occur before we start chopping at the public safety budget.

Just believe...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

America's Success Team Commander - Start/Stop List for Success

STOP wasting time making excuses and complaining about your current situation.

START taking responsibility for your actions and hold yourself accountable for the results.

STOP looking for other people and things to make you happy.

START doing things that make you happy, make you feel good about yourself, and fill you with joy.

STOP wasting time doing unproductive things like watching prime-time TV for 4-5 hours every evening.

START reading books, listening to CD’s, and attending seminars on personal development.

STOP going through life without a plan or direction, like a bottle drifting in the ocean.

START creating a vision of who you want to be, write it out, set goals, and start working the plan.

STOP spending time with negative people that suck the joy out of every room they walk into.

START associating with positive people that have achieved more than you, learn from them, then do what they do.

STOP worrying about stuff that you do not control.

START focusing on what you can control, YOU.

STOP neglecting you... saying YES to everyone, being such a pushover and doing everything for everybody else.

START saying NO! Do stuff that furthers progress towards the goals that you have set.

STOP listening to everyone else’s opinion about you and what you are doing. Their self-imposed limitations suck!

START believing in yourself, your capabilities, and work the plan like failure is not an option.

STOP engaging in destructive behaviors like excessive drinking, eating, smoking cigarettes, etc.

START taking care yourself. Treat yourself like a finely tuned machine.

STOP doing things the way you have always done them because it’s the way you have always done them.

START looking for new and innovative ways to improve upon everything that you do.

Just Believe...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Give Me a Break!

I was listening to Denny More's morning show on Thunder 104.5 yesterday and there was a discussion about Virginia Governor Tim Kaine's support of a ban on smoking in restaurants and bars. Several callers dialed in and shared their opinions.

I felt compelled to contribute.  The bottom line is this... Is this really the most pressing issue facing the Commonwealth at this time? I think not.  I think Governor Kaine needs to worry about our current economic situation and avoid supporting ways to negatively impact businesses. Seriously, at a time when many small businesses are already struggling, he decides now is the time to hit the restaurant and bars with an action that could impact their business even more?  Wake up Governor Kaine, this is just plain STUPID!!!  I have a very low tolerance for stupid and this pegs the meter! 

I have seen numerous food and coffee establishments in our area close recently and don't think it is right for the government to even consider actions that would aid in the closing of more. This tells me that Governor Kaine might not be all that in touch with what's going on in his state. Maybe he's more interested in chairing the DNC?

The decision for smoking or not at a privately owned restaurant or bar should be left up to the individual business owner not the government.

It should be noted that I am not a smoker.  What I am is an American!  I believe in the individual freedoms that we enjoy and that make our nation the greatest on the planet!  I refuse to sit back quietly and watch government try to chip away at these!  

Just Believe...