Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Virginia's Budget Situation and Proposed Cuts

Virginia Sheriffs gathered in Richmond yesterday to voice their concern/objections to Governor Kaine's proposed budget cuts which would cut funding to their departments.

I am well aware of the budget shortfall and I think even considering cutting law enforcement funding during a time of economic crisis is just silly. As a 14 year law enforcement veteran, I can tell you that when the economy is bad people get desperate and resort to things that they would never consider during good times. What I mean by that is simple, during poor economic times, crime increases. This is truly a head shaker for me. I think there is a lot of cutting that can occur before we start chopping at the public safety budget.

Just believe...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

America's Success Team Commander - Start/Stop List for Success www.bryanthalstead.com

STOP wasting time making excuses and complaining about your current situation.

START taking responsibility for your actions and hold yourself accountable for the results.

STOP looking for other people and things to make you happy.

START doing things that make you happy, make you feel good about yourself, and fill you with joy.

STOP wasting time doing unproductive things like watching prime-time TV for 4-5 hours every evening.

START reading books, listening to CD’s, and attending seminars on personal development.

STOP going through life without a plan or direction, like a bottle drifting in the ocean.

START creating a vision of who you want to be, write it out, set goals, and start working the plan.

STOP spending time with negative people that suck the joy out of every room they walk into.

START associating with positive people that have achieved more than you, learn from them, then do what they do.

STOP worrying about stuff that you do not control.

START focusing on what you can control, YOU.

STOP neglecting you... saying YES to everyone, being such a pushover and doing everything for everybody else.

START saying NO! Do stuff that furthers progress towards the goals that you have set.

STOP listening to everyone else’s opinion about you and what you are doing. Their self-imposed limitations suck!

START believing in yourself, your capabilities, and work the plan like failure is not an option.

STOP engaging in destructive behaviors like excessive drinking, eating, smoking cigarettes, etc.

START taking care yourself. Treat yourself like a finely tuned machine.

STOP doing things the way you have always done them because it’s the way you have always done them.

START looking for new and innovative ways to improve upon everything that you do.

Just Believe...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Give Me a Break!

I was listening to Denny More's morning show on Thunder 104.5 yesterday and there was a discussion about Virginia Governor Tim Kaine's support of a ban on smoking in restaurants and bars. Several callers dialed in and shared their opinions.

I felt compelled to contribute.  The bottom line is this... Is this really the most pressing issue facing the Commonwealth at this time? I think not.  I think Governor Kaine needs to worry about our current economic situation and avoid supporting ways to negatively impact businesses. Seriously, at a time when many small businesses are already struggling, he decides now is the time to hit the restaurant and bars with an action that could impact their business even more?  Wake up Governor Kaine, this is just plain STUPID!!!  I have a very low tolerance for stupid and this pegs the meter! 

I have seen numerous food and coffee establishments in our area close recently and don't think it is right for the government to even consider actions that would aid in the closing of more. This tells me that Governor Kaine might not be all that in touch with what's going on in his state. Maybe he's more interested in chairing the DNC?

The decision for smoking or not at a privately owned restaurant or bar should be left up to the individual business owner not the government.

It should be noted that I am not a smoker.  What I am is an American!  I believe in the individual freedoms that we enjoy and that make our nation the greatest on the planet!  I refuse to sit back quietly and watch government try to chip away at these!  

Just Believe...