Saturday, October 29, 2011

Life Is Like Riding A Motorcycle... You Are Either In Control & Charting Your Own Course Or You Are Riding Bitch!

Before you get your panties in a bunch because I used the term "riding bitch", please understand this is a common term used in the biker community. Simply put... If you are a passenger on a motorcycle, you are "riding bitch" and you have no direct control over where the bike goes, how fast, etc.

Life can be like that if you let it. How many of you have let go of the handlebars and are letting someone else chart your course? Are you working on your goals and making progress toward fulfilling your dreams? If you aren't working on yours, then whose are you working on?

I hope my use of the term "riding bitch" did ruffle your feathers a bit. Why? Because maybe that will be enough to get you to realize it's time for you to take charge of your life and live it the way you want to!

It's time to grab the controls and take your life in the direction you choose, are you up for the challenge?

Enjoy the Ride...

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